Avengers 3 Infinity War Trailer Breakdown

Marvel just dropped the new trailer of Avengers Infinity War and it is just fantabulous. So in this post we will be doing the breakdown of it to know the little details about the movie. First things first if you have not seen the trailer then see it below and then read further.

Avengers 3 Infinity War Trailer Breakdown:-

Now that you have seen the trailer lets start with its breakdown.

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Gamora describing Thanos

The trailer starts with Gamora describing Thanos as she had spent time with him as his daughter, his main motive is to wipe out half the Universe. She also says that if he gets all the Infinity Stones he will do it with the snap of his fingers. Then we see Tony, but Gamora is not talking to Tony as Gamora is with other Guardians and Tony is at the Sanctum Sanctorum. Also we see a reflection in the window of Sanctum Sanctorum which looks like it is going to crash somewhere.

Thanos's Portal/Ship, Spider-Man and Iron Man

After that we see Thanos in his armor, Peter getting out of the School Bus and swinging towards the portal where Iron Man is also heading. Then we get a glimpse of the new Bleeding Edge armor in action as the thruster's in the legs combine and boost him towards the portal.

Forces combining in Wakanda

We already knew that Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk, Falcon and War Machine will be fighting against the Black Order in Wakanda along with Black Panther, now we also know that Vision and Scarlett Witch will also be there.

Shuri showing something

In Wakanda Shuri is showing a holographic image which looks like it's of Vision as in its head we see a yellowish tint which must be the Mind Stone and also Vision is lying near her.

Peter Quill showing Tony da wae

Looks like there will be a funny banter between Peter Quill and Tony Stark, also Drax the Destroyer and Spider-Man are also present there.

Forces in Wakanda ready to fight

Black Panther and allies are ready to fight the Black Order, then we see faces of the prominent characters. Also I think that Thanos will also come there to collect the Mind Stone which is embedded in Vision's forehead.

We then see Thor and Rocket and Thanos voicing over that "The end is near". Thor is prepping to summon lightning, which seems that he is doing it to forge his weapon the Stormbreaker as his hammer Mj√∂lnir was destroyed by Hela.

Titan, Thanos's Planet

The portal/ship which we see earlier in New York city crashes into the wreckage which is present on Titan. Also this is the location where Tony and Peter Parker were having conversation with Peter Quill and Drax. Later in the trailer we see that Doctor Strange is helping Star-Lord through his Mystic Arts and Spider-Man swinging close by.

Thanos' Backstory

Thanos is seen fully armored with his army the Black Order, it looks like they are going to annihilate the planet. Also the planet is Gamora's home planet, we see Thanos taking little Gamora with her as who he adopted.

Thanos getting Tesseract

Thanos confronts Thor as he grabs him by his head, Loki is surrounded by the Black Order. I think Loki seeing Thor in pain must be the reason for Loki to give Tesseract to Thanos. Thanos breaks the Tesseract to get the Space Stone out of it.

Then we move to Wakanda where the fight is about happen as the Black Order is stopped by the Force Field around Wakanda.

Will Tony Stark die?

Tony's armor gets heavily damaged and Thanos says "I hope they remember you", according to the scene and the dialog it seems like that Thanos is about kill Tony.

Captain America stopping Thanos

The previous scene then transitions to Wakanda where Thanos' is about to grab Captain America but Cap stops his hand with his superhuman strength, Thanos is also shocked that how can a human be that powerful.

Peter's introduction to Doctor Strange

Not much in this scene but Peter being the classic he is says "Oh using your made-up names then I am Spider-Man".

A new poster was also released see the Avengers 3 Infinity War Poster below.

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March 17, 2018 at 5:54 AM ×

RIP Tony Stark. It's even eluded to in the poster art: Tony striking the classic crucified-hero pose. I think Cap'n America might survive, but I'll be surprised if Iron Man lives through this one.

Congrats bro cruddddddddddddddd you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...