Avengers 3 Infinity War - Avengers Games you must play.

Avengers Infinity War still has time to release all over the world, so we decided that in the meantime you could try another medium of entertainment which is Games. Movies and Games are both entertainment mediums but in the movie you see the hero and in games you become the hero. So in this article we will tell you which Avengers Games you should play.

List of Avengers Games you should play:-

We will tell you the games which you can play on your Android or iOS devices. So lets start the list.

MARVEL Future Fight:

This game is developed by Netmarble Games and has over 50 million downloads. This is an action RPG game featuring over 100 characters from Marvel Universe. You get to play as a team of 3 characters to fight the enemy forces and complete the objectives. You can either play as super heroes or as super villains or a mixed team of both, of 3 characters.

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MARVEL Contest of Champions:

It is a fighting game developed by Kabam and has over 50 million downloads and 2.3 million reviews on the Play Store, you can tell by the numbers that this game is quite popular. You can play this game with your friends as a team to fight enemies and also upgrade your super heroes or super villains. You have to manage and level up your team wisely to receive bonuses based on team pairings. Fight at iconic locations from the Marvel Universe such as Oscorp Tower, Wakanda, Asgard, Avengers Tower and more. In short this game is Marvel's Injustice on mobile.

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MARVEL Strike Force:

This is the newest game in this list as it was released on 28th March. It is a turn based RPG game developed by FoxNext Games. According to its Google Play Store description this game is the best in terms of Visuals, you can do combo moves using specific super heroes and super villains. This game is similar to MARVEL Future Fight but in it you get to choose 5 characters.

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Apart from these games there are some other Marvel games which does not feature multiple characters lets check them out.

MARVEL Spider-Man Unlimited:

This is an endless runner game in which you play as various types of Spider-Man or Spider-Woman to fight different bosses. This game features upto 200 characters from the Spider-Verse and is developed by Gameloft. It has a story mode which features 5 boss battles and 25 missions per issue, in its current update it reached the number of 31 issues, by this you can imagine how much content this game is having.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2:

These games were developed simultaneously with there console and PC counterparts, everything is same in all the versions except these were optimized for the mobile devices. These games feature an open-world set in New York City where you can do crazy stuff as Spider-Man. Both these games are story driven so we are sure you will love these. 
Note - The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2 are paid games and you have to buy them separately, make sure to check if your phone can run it or not before buying.

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Guardians of the Galaxy TTG:

If you have played games from the developer Telltale Games then you might know that they make very good story driven games. Telltale Games are unique as your story will be based on what choices you make. Its graphics are nice for a mobile game and controls are easy. In total this game has 5 episodes which are all paid. This game is graphically demanding so check the description section if your device can run it or not before buying.

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Apart from these games Square Enix will be publishing a new story driven Marvel game for next-gen Consoles and PC which will be released in a year or two. Crystal Dynamics the studio behind the Tomb Raider reboot games will be developing it. This deal between Marvel and Square Enix is of multiple years and we will see multiple Marvel games in the near future. Check out the teaser below.

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