Avengers 3 Infinity War new TV Spot and more

Only 2 weeks are left in the release of Marvel's biggest crossover movie Avengers Infinity War and as the days pass we are getting to see new footage in the form of TV Spots. So we will list all the TV Spots that have appeared so far on the web.

Avengers Infinity War new TV Spots:-

All the TV Spots listed below are in no chronological order. Just enjoy them and get hyped for the movie.

Avengers Infinity War - Legacy TV Spot:

This is the latest TV Spot released by Marvel and it has a shot of Thanos and the Black Order which shows how deadly they are, Thanos is seen using the Power Stone and it looks like they are on Thor's ship as in the next scene we can see that Thanos has the Space Stone as well. We also noticed one thing that the guy lying in the background in this scene might be Thor. Apart from this the TV Spot shows all the characters and how the MCU's Legacy began. Some scenes are blink and miss so you have to pause the video to seem them. One scene is between Tony Stark and Peter Quill in which Tony is trying to stop Peter from doing anything silly, also Peter looks like he is furious or he lost a member from Guardians of the Galaxy. See the TV Spot and images below.

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Avengers Infinity War - Snap TV Spot:

The new TV Spot titled 'Snap' was released recently and it shows Thanos what he can do with the Snap of his fingers. The scene was like this, Thanos says "You're strong but I can snap my fingers and you'd all seize to exist" which means that he can destroy them very easily with the snap of his fingers and there was another scene in which Doctor Strange is telling Tony that he went ahead in Time to see all the possible outcomes then Tony says "Did we win any" also Spider-Man, Star-Lord, Drax and Mantis can also be seen in the background in this scene. We get a glimpse of Wanda in her full on Scarlet Witch mode to stop the Outriders from entering into Wakanda. You can see the TV Spot below, it also has the 'Chant' TV Spot in it so watch only 30 seconds of the video if you want to watch only this TV Spot.

avengers 3 infinity war thanos

avengers infinity war doctor strange

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Avengers Infinity War - Chant TV Spot:

This TV Spot is having all the elements which makes Marvel movies so good. The TV Spot starts with the "End is near" dialogue from Thanos then we move to the Sanctum Sanctorum where Tony says "We are gonna need some help" then we move to Wakanda where Steve is greeting Bucky and they exchange couple of lines. A wide shot of the Wakandan Army and other Avengers, Black Panther and his army chanting "Yibambe" which might mean prepare for battle or something like that. Thanos teleporting to Wakanda with the help of Space Stone. Some epic action scenes like Thanos jumping to punch somebody, enraged hulk etc. A great scene between T'Challa and Okoye appears after the credits, you have to see for yourself it's great.

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Avengers Infinity War - Gone TV Spot:

This TV Spot starts with Gamora describing that Thanos will not stop until he has wiped out half the humanity which he thinks will make the Universe perfectly balanced. The frame then cuts to Thor who says together we can stop Thanos and near the end of the TV Spot Black Widow has an amazing dialogue which is "We don't wanna kill you but we will" which is pointed towards the Mad Titan himself.

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Avengers Infinity War All Of Them TV Spot:

This TV Spot doesn't offer any new footage at the start of it but it has a scene in which Peter Quill asks Groot to put that thing down which is a video game Groot might be playing, in reply to Peter's statement Groot says "I am Groot" in a sassy voice and everybody is like what did he say. See the TV Spot below.

guardians of the galaxy in avengers 3 infinity war

Avengers Infinity War - One Goal TV Spot:

In this TV Spot Gamora is talking about Thanos' only goal which is to wipe out half the humanity, that's why it is titled One Goal. After she finishes her dialogue the frame cuts to Wakanda where Vision is saying to Wanda that we are out of time. This TV Spot also features the new background score from the Music Director Alan Silvestri and the score is brilliant.

avengers infinity war mind stone

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Avengers Infinity War New TV Spot:

The newest TV Spot to be released by Marvel is this but we don't know the name of this as Marvel has not uploaded it on there Official YouTube Channel. This TV Spot shows some new footage like a shot of the Infinity Gauntlet with the Power and Space stone in it and Thanos unleashing the power of the Power Stone, Tony expressing to others at the Sanctorum that "They will need help", a scene of Black Widow saying "Lets go" but not to Tony, looks like she is at the S.H.I.E.L.D HQ or somewhere else. We also get to see the scene between Peter Parker and Doctor Strange from a different angle, Tony Stark is also present in that scene in the background.

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